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Hand-forged bronze and steel belt buckles featuring a variety of original graphics and finishes.

Forged Buckles | Bronze and Steel Buckles | Handcrafted by Josh Bales | Dying Breeds | Evergreen, CO
Graphic metal belt buckles forged by blacksmith Josh Bales in Colorado | DYING BREEDS
Steel buckles and bronze buckles forged in Colorado | Dying Breeds

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Bronze buckles and steel belt buckles forged by Josh Bales of Dying Breeds in Evergreen, Colorado

Order Custom Dying Breeds Artwork.

Dying Breeds offers a wide array of beautifully crafted and imaginative products, from custom metalwork to hand-tooled leather and unique printmaking art. Every product is handmade individually and with care in our workshop high in the mountains of Colorado.

Love the look, but need custom work or have a special request? Reach out to discuss your project!

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