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Commissioned sculpture, custom signs, collaborations with artists, forged animals, trees, and gifts.

Custom Metalwork
Featured Custom Metalwork | Custom Ironwork | By Josh Bales of Dying Breeds - blacksmith near Denver, Colorado

Featured Metalwork

Custom Metalwork | Forged by Blacksmith Josh Bales | Dying Breeds | Evergreen, Colorado

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Hand-forged metalwork | Custom railings, gates, furniture, home décor, and more | Ironwork forged by Josh Bales of Dying Breeds in Evergreen, Colorado

Order Custom Ornamental Metalwork.

Are you looking for a beautiful set of iron fireplace doors, custom railing, hand-forged furniture, a unique sculpture, or some other custom home décor? Dying Breeds offers a wide array of high-end metalwork hand-forged in our workshop high in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado.


Expertly designed and crafted, every ornamental ironwork project is forged using traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques. We offer a wide variety of design styles, materials, joinery, and finishes, all custom-suited to your needs. (Learn more about owner Josh Bale’s artistic inspiration here!)


Contact us to ask about custom metalwork for your office or home. Please use the “Request a Quote” form below or call (303) 809-4123.

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