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Original Dying Breeds artwork handcrafted by Josh Bales in Evergreen, Colorado

Dying Breeds art made in Colorado, USA | Custom Metal. Leather Goods. Printmaking.

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Dying Breeds Artwork - Custom Metal. Leather Goods. Printmaking. | Made in Colorado

Original Artwork by Dying Breeds.

Dying Breeds pairs fresh, creative designs with the quality of traditional craftsmanship to give you artwork that will endure. Every product is handmade individually and with care in our workshop high in the mountains of Colorado.


This is where imagination comes alive, from high-end ironwork for your custom home to artwork starring fictitious creatures with raging hormones, twisted perspectives, and one-liner punchlines.

Choose from a wide range of unique and genuine leather belts, bags, wallets, and gifts; belt buckles; hand-painted prints; hand-forged fireplace doors, custom railing, ornate iron gates; and more! Explore all Dying Breeds products here.

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Art made in Evergreen, Colorado | Dying Breeds | Josh Bales

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Artist Josh Bales - owner of Dying Breeds in Evergreen, Colorado

Josh Bales | Dying Breeds | Evergreen, CO

@dyingbreeds |

Proudly Crafted in Colorado.

Dying Breeds was founded in 2008 by Josh Bales, a working blacksmith, leather worker, and printmaker in Evergreen, Colorado.


Josh's funky and illustrative drawing style and his incredible creativity are apparent across all of his artwork. As an expert craftsman, Josh has created a wide variety of high-end custom ironwork, leather goods, and prints.


Learn more about Josh’s artistic inspiration here!


All Dying Breeds designs are original, and all work is executed by Josh with the exception of a helper from time to time when the load gets heavy.

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